Resident Resources

This page is intended to be a list of helpful links for Communications Hill residents. If you discover a missing, outdated, or incorrect link, please contact us via email.

Please note that is not affiliated with any of the organizations linked from this page.

Homeowner Associations


In a life-threatening emergency, please always dial 911 from your phone immediately.

For a HOA related emergency (e.g. a large water leak during the evenings/weekends), please contact:

  • Carrara HOA - Call 510-683-8614 and follow the prompts to page the manager on-call.
  • Chianti HOA - Call 510-683-8614 and follow the prompts to page the manager on-call.
  • Communications Hill HOA - Call 800-443-5746 (The Helsing Group).
  • Lancaster HOA - Call 510-683-8614 and follow the prompts to page the manager on-call.
  • Tuscany Hills HOA - Call 510-683-8614 and follow the prompts to page the manager on-call.
  • If you’d like to add additional numbers to this list, please email us.

Junk Pickup

Do you have junk (e.g. an old mattress, worn out car tires, a broken refrigerator, etc.) that you’re trying to get rid of? Schedule an appointment with San Jose’s <em>free</em> junk pickup service.

Report Issues

A majority of issues can be reported using the San Jose 311 website.

Below is a quick guide of what you can report to 311 as well as where to report various other issues that aren’t handled by San Jose 311.

TypeHow to ReportPhone
Graffiti311 Website408-535-3500
Illegal Dumping311 Website408-535-3500
Overflowing Public Trash CanParks Department Contact Form408-535-3500
In a Public ParkSan Jose Parks Email408-793-5510
Streetlight Outage311 Website408-535-3500
Homeless ConcernsHomeless Concerns Email408-975-1400
Abandoned Vehicle311 Website408-535-3500
Pothole311 Website408-535-3500
Near freeways, Highway & RampsCaltrans Website
Light Rail (VTA)iOS, Android
Southern (Union Pacific) Commuter RailUnion Pacific Email888-877-7267
Northern (Joint Powers Board) Commuter RailCaltrain Website800-660-4287
Other issues not listedWeb311 or 408-277-8900

Litter Cleanup

Interested in cleaning up litter on the trail or in a park? Here’s a few tips:

  • San Jose has a litter cleanup program that you can signup for. They’ll give you some basic equipment free-of-charge.
  • Basic recommended equipment (in order of importance):
    • Tough trash bags that can handle sitting outside for a few days without falling apart.
    • An ergonomic grabber tool.
      • Non-ergonomic grabber tools will still work, but will hurt your hand after a half hour or so.
      • The grabber tools provided by the city may not look like much, but they’re much better than what you’ll get at most hardware stores (the common Unger ones mostly work fine, but they tend to bend and have alignment problems).
    • Gloves that are tough, but cheap enough that you don’t mind getting rid of them if they get really nasty. Bulk cheap garden gloves from your local hardware store will work fine.
    • A box cutter (recommendation can be found here).
  • If you pickup litter along the trail, leaving your bags of litter (securely tied of course) next to the public trash cans seems to result in the bags being removed by the city without issue. However, you may wish to contact the city for an official recommendation on where to leave bags of litter you pick up.

Government Contacts

Communications Hill is located in District 7 and is currently represented by Bien Doan. A list of current members on District 7 can be found here.