Construction Updates

The Communications Hill area has several active construction projects. This page is intended to give an overview of all known ongoing projects nearby. The projects are listed in no particular order.

If you would like to propose or update content on this page, please keep in mind the geographic boundary to Communications Hill. Please only include construction projects within or bordering the neighborhood.

This page was last updated on May 8th, 2023.

KB Home’s Residential Construction

Franklin-McKinley School Project

California High Speed Rail

  • The California High Speed Rail is currently planned to follow the existing Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way through Communications Hill. See the “San Jose to Merced” on the CA HSR website for more details.
  • The section that affects Communications Hill is incorrectly referred to as “Monterey Corridor” in their documents (the real Monterey Corridor is north of Seven Trees, east of Monterey Ave, and south of Spartan Keyes). Search for “Monterey Corridor” in this document to get an overview of how the HSR impacts the hill for each proposed alternative.

Canoas Creek Trail

Capitol Caltrain Station Pedestrian Bridge

  • A pedestrian bridge is proposed to link Hillsdale Station Rd. (and Communications Hill trail) with the Capitol Caltrain Station.
  • More information can be found in the specific plan under the heading “ADP Improvement 8”.
  • The design and construction of the pedestrian bridge is tied into the phasing for the KB Home residential construction. Design work for the bridge is planned in phase 3, while construction is planned for phase 4 (see construction schedule notes for the KB Home residential construction above).

Capitol VTA Light Rail Station Transit Oriented Development

  • Redevelopment of the Park & Ride lot at the Capital VTA Light Rail station is still in the early planning phases at the time of this writing.
  • You can sign up for email updates and check the latest status on the VTA’s website for the project.

Communications Hill Blvd. Bridge (and Curtner Ave Improvements)

Hillsdale Fitness Stairs (Public Park)

  • A new fitness-oriented park is planned for construction on Hillsdale Ave between Quarry Park Way and Charter Park Dr.

Granite Rock Capitol Site Modernization Project